Skate City Speed Team is a fun and fast way to enjoy skating with many of the state's top skaters and our awesome certified coach Matt. Ages vary from 5 and up. It is a great way to build confidence, be part of a team, and travel for competitions throughout the state. Stop by to watch a practice anytime!


5:00-6:30 PM (on the floor and ready by 5:15)


4:15-6:30 PM (on the floor and ready by 4:30)

Practice & Skating Details

Entire Season (Oct-June) $180 Total due by third practice of the season.

3 Months (Oct-Dec/Jan-Mar/Apr-June) $65 Total due first practice of the 3 month plan.

Per Month $25 Total due on the first practice of the month.

Per Practice $4

State, region and national competitions and uniforms are optional additional costs.